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WebHub is a web application development package for Windows Server 2012/2016/2019+ and Windows 10+. Full customization requires Embarcadero Delphi.

We have set up some servers so that you can check out the WebHub demos without compiling them on your own system. We run different web servers at different times to prove that the WebHub application servers work across platforms, without recompilation or changes.

You can browse the source of a demo from the [Source] link in the demo's page footer. Furthermore, all the Delphi and WebHub-HTML source is in Subversion; instructions for obtaining the source is on the [Download] page available in the page footer of each demo.

lite.demos.href.com and more.demos.href.com

As of March 2019, the LITE and MORE subdomains both run inside a single Amazon EC2 t2.nano Win2016 machine with IIS 10.

All LITE demos can be run by with ANY WebHub application because they use only standard modules and components.

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This is a nano EC2 instance.

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